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Get custom mag wheels to upgrade your vehicle's looks and driving performance. Alloy wheels with spoke design and finish options along with the best fitment and sizing options for all models of car, truck and SUV.

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Custom Alloy Wheel Designs And Finish

Mag wheels have been the roadster-cool rims of choice for American auto enthusiasts since before the time of James Dean rebel-with-a-cause film. From Studebakers in the 1950s to Nissan 300Zs in 2002, custom mag wheels produce a serious upgrade in your vehicle's appearance, market value and handling performance.

Cast magnesium wheels are designed principally with cars, trucks and SUVs in mind, however the early 1970's showed some early 16" mag wheel designs for motorcycles. Like other alloy rims, mag wheels are produced with a wide range of spoke architecture, ranging from 4s, 5s on up to 10s in single spoke models to a range of split spoke designs.

Highly polished finish remains the key mark of a great mag wheel. Like chrome rims, the mag rims are finished in order to enhance the magnesium's reflective properties. A maintenance tip for mag wheel owners is that you can buy buffer compounds from a motor accessories store or, in a pinch, simply use ordinary white toothpaste to achieve the polished surface you're seeking.

Plus Size And Fitments

Plus sizing your mag wheels requires that you know or have your technician calculate your OEM factory issue diameters for wheel and tire, plus identify the bolt pattern unique to your vehicle. Your plus-size mag rims should not exceed by 3% the OEM diameters. The way you solve this is to increase your wheel size at the same time as you reduce your tire profile.

What happens if you over-size with new mag rims? For one, your speedometer and odometer will give faulty readings. More critically, your increased wheel size may cause your braking system computer and sensors to malfunction, leading to braking failure.

Due to huge market interest and demand for chrome and mag wheels, your fitment options are virtually unlimited. From 13" to 24" diameters, you can also pick widths ranging from 4.75" to over 10". Your selection will also be driven by whether your vehicle is front wheel, rear wheel or all wheel drive, in terms of the offset needs.

o enhance performance and driving enjoyment, make sure that your new mag wheels are correctly balanced, aligned with your suspension (caster, camber, and toe) and that you consider a hub centric ring for installation in order to obtain a true fit to your hub.



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