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Discriminating owners select high performance Mercedes wheels when upgrading rims and tires. With a Mercedes wheel replacement package or set you get a huge range of size, style and finish option to match virtually any Mercedes model.

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Fit For Most Mercedes Models

Your after-market for Mercedes wheels and accessories covers Benz models including the 190 series, 220 series, 230 series, 280 series, 320 series, 350 series, 400 series, 500 series, C 230, CL600, ML 320, ML 430, SL500 as well as many other model years. As you can see, you've got serious buyer options for virtually Mercedes wheel any match.

Your choices of finish for Mercedes wheels covers the entire rim and tire color palette, from anthracite, several grades of black, bronze, chrome , gold, graphite, silver and other tones.

Rim Sizes and Fitments

In principle, sizing for Mercedes wheels is open-ended, from 14" to 24" diameters and widths ranging from 5.5" to 10.5". However, don't rush off and simply order the largest rims you can find, because you have some safety and performance issues to bear in mind.

For example, plus-sizing your upgraded Mercedes wheels beyond 3% of the original Benz factory issue components could mean that your speedometer and odometer give you false readings. Next, over-sized rims can mean that your transmission alters shift points, which will influence running performance and fuel economy. Next, aggressively plus-sizing your Mercedes wheels can set you up for a braking failure due to microprocessor error in your braking computers and wheel sensors.

Fitments for Mercedes wheels are straight forward. After you've determined your overall wheel and tire diameter and rim design-finish, you need to examine your hub and determine whether your bolt patterns are 4s, 5s or 6s. Your wheel service technician will then balance your new wheels, potentially use a hub centric ring in order to obtain a true fit, and then align your wheels. You get the style and now the road feel and performance of new Mercedes wheels.


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