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Whether you have a chopper or a 2-stroke import, you can get some serious high quality and good looking motorcycle wheel upgrades in the online or local dealer after market. So, what should you know and how do you find the right custom motorcycle wheels for your bike?

Motorcycle Wheels Style And Finish Options

Let's look at style and finish first. Standard factory issue motorcycle wheels typically are plated rims, chrome or other plating finishes. You can improve your current rims or get custom gold or chrome motorcycle wheels and make your bike stand out even further.

If for example you're touring on a German manufactured high end bike, then your replacement BMW wheels can be sized to directly match your factory issue rims or you can explore rims ranging from 21" X 3.50" or 16" X 4.25" to 18" X 5.50" models.

Motorcycle wheel patterns give you a great range of choices from minimalist 6-spoke wheels to the more common multi-spoke custom rim patterns used for motorcycles as well as bicycles.

Getting an upgrade or plus-size motorcycle wheels means that you should also consider upgrading your wheel hubs, front and rear. You'll get the "complete look" plus you'll have the knowledge and comfort of mind that your entire wheel-tire components are top-shelf and structurally sound.

'Stuff' happens while riding, so if you've taken a spill or hit a pothole with resulting rim damage then you can locate a number of online specialists which will provide you with economical motorcycle wheel straightening to within 0.05mm tolerances of original factory specs.

Plus Sizing Your Motorcycle Wheels

By getting new look custom motorcycle wheels you may create unintended safety and warranty issues for yourself. For example, your brake assembly requires fine tuning if you plus-size your rims in order to maintain true braking performance. Plus-sizing your custom motorcycle wheels also creates altogether different "rolling resistance" issues, which impact handling as well as fuel performance. In the event of an accident attributable to non-factory rims, you may not necessarily receive manufacturer support under their warranty. Furthermore, if your accident shows you to be the at-fault party and if the technical cause relates to non-warranted factory rims, then you may find yourself "holding the bag", with full financial responsibility to pay for all damages.

Bottom line, riders have great choices in custom rims, styles, finishes and price points




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