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Plus Size Tire Wheels Guideline

You want to "plus size" your tire and wheels in order to look good and to improve performance. So, what's in a wire wheels upgrade that you need to know about?

First things to know about is that your next set of tire and wheels should not exceed 3% of the diameter of the OEM wheels specs on your factory issued set presently on your car, truck or SUV . What this means is that plus-sizing your wire wheels without selecting a lower profile tire could spell serious performance and safety issues. "Like what?" you're thinking. Try this on. A greater overall diameter and wider "foot print" will influence your transmission functioning, altering shift points, and potentially creating wallet-draining fuel costs as your performance drops. More seriously, this new cool wider foot print could produce braking computer system anomalies which in a worst case could create braking system failure.

Product Choices Based On Manufacturing

Take for example that you're cruising for some out-sized weld wheels. What do you know, what do you need to know in order to get the right custom wheels? Think quality over budget. High end American or foreign manufactured alloy wheels will be forged rather than molded. What this means is that an alloy ingot is subjected to staggering heat and pressure into the tens of millions of pounds per square inch in order to forge and shape your finished alloy wheel. Forged alloy wheels give you the highest quality, lowest impurity aspect, and greatest structural reliability. Low pressure molding or counter pressure vacuum molding result in less pricey finished goods, however these chrome wheels will carry greater impurity ratios than forged product.

Surface finishes for tire and wheel combinations range from silver, steel gray, titanium to the classic chrome wheel highly buffed surface.

Collectors looking for unique product such as Mustang wheels will still have to play by the market rules. Plus sizing for a Mustang wheel still has to conform to the 3% maximum rule for deviation from Ford's original equipment specs. In other words, you create safety issues if you take a 15" OEM wheel and plus-size it to 22".

On the bright side, your market has never looked better for tire and wheel choices. You might conceivably see wire wheels ranging from 8" to 24" depending upon the manufacturer such as Voxx, Racing Hart, Steel, OE Replica, OZ, Calli, Boss, Giovanna, Enkei, BBS, Alba, American Eagle, Black Racing, Konig, Momo and more.

Remember prior to buying that you have to designate your model, and whether it's front wheel drive, all wheel drive, or rear wheel drive. And, last but not least, buy four matched tire and wheels, never mis-match or just buy "fronts" or "backs".


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