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Getting a new "look" for your truck? If so then get smart on the latest truck wheels technologies. For many truck owners, factory installed truck wheels look drab and frankly may limit performance if your work or play pursuits require some more "serious" gripping such as with pulling heavy loads or doing off road back country driving.

How To Plus Size Your Truck Wheels

OK, so you big vehicle owners want to either replace your factory issue rims or plus-size some new cool truck or even bus wheels. What do you need to know and what should you look for?

To begin with, all truck wheels are not equal in terms of quality of manufacturing and performance reliability. If you want to be sure about the quality and safety of your truck or trailer wheels in towing circumstances, then you need to ask for forged wheels rather than injection molded. Forging takes the base metal ingot and then under highest heat and pressure conditions of over 10 million pounds per square inch creates the base alloy wheel, which is then machine finished. You get the highest quality truck wheel , with the lowest impurity levels. By contrast, some domestic and foreign produced rims are manufactured using low pressure molding or counter-pressure vacuum molding techniques. These alloy wheels can be quickly produced and will cost you less, however you're getting higher levels of impurities which can lessen performance and reliability.

Truck Wheel Sizes And Finish Options

Similar to trucks, the station wagon wheels segment offers a staggering range of plus-size rims to choose from. You can select from 8" to 24" diameter rims, in steel or alloys or even titanium. Similarly, tire wheels widths range from 3.75" to 14".

Buyer beware that plus -sizing your truck wheels involves some safety and warranty issues. For starters, an out-sized truck wheel that exceeds 3% of the factory issue rim diameters could create some immediate performance issues. Your transmission shift points could be altered due to the larger rotation pattern of plus-size rims, creating transmission operating issues as well as decreasing fuel performance. Similarly, plus-size truck or VW bus wheels disrupt your braking system computers, which could result in brake failure. Accidents attributable to non-factory parts places total insurance liability on you, rather than the truck or car manufacturer.

Whether plus-sizing your truck or car rims or looking for customer aluminum wheels, you can rely on a number of major brands such as Calli, Boss, Giovanna, 5 th wheels , Voxx, Racing Hart, Steel, OE Replica, OZ, , Enkei, BBS , Alba, American Eagle, Black Racing, Konig, Momo and more. There's definitely a rim at the right size and price to fit any pocket book.


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