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Discover the wide range of wheelchair wheels available to meet normal wear and tear replacements, special applications or even wheel chair sports uses.

Wheelchair Wheels - Find it. Love it. Buy it.

If you're going to do the Boston Marathon, then you'll need a set of wheel chair wheels that can deal with steep pebbly hills, road grease and moisture, yet still get you across the 26.5 mile finish line with braking intact and no injuries to yourself. Too extreme? Well, wheel chair riders continue to push the envelope, refusing to take a limited "pigeon holed" existence when sport, fun and excitement can be created.

Innovative New Wheel Chair Wheel Designs

Making these new exploits possible are the extraordinary high performance wheel chair wheels now coming as "standard issue" by electric wheel chair manufacturers such as Jazzy or Gold and others. Meanwhile, active disabled persons can attack terrains ranging from beach to trail with the special-purpose fat wheel chair wheel designs, looking almost like a man-powered dune buggy. There's no limit to the can-do outlook of energized disabled persons willing to push their wheel chair to the limits.

Special alloy wheel chair wheels compliment the space age metals used to frame your chair so that you get maximum performance and maximum physical comfort. If you want a foldable wheel chair, you can now select from dozens of models which can dissemble in seconds and be quickly stored in your auto as you zip to the store or work r play.

On the play side of wheel chair wheels, the really up tempo disabled enthusiasts can now invest in gladiator style full contact models used in the more aggressive sports games now widening in appeal and use by the disabled. Imagine being safely strapped in your full contact model, elbow and forearm pads on, your main wheel chair wheels radiused inwards to provide speed and maneuverability and then a small set of wheel chair wheels designed into the front end suspension so that you can virtually do your version of the Green Bay Packers while creating maximum contact.

Quick release wheel chair wheels allow your frame to concertina or fold up for quick transition to auto or other activity. Meanwhile, your expanded wheel chair models include rigid frame, suspension frame, sports wheel chairs used for tennis, basketball, long distance road racing, contact sport, beach sports and more.

Given the extremes of wheel chair wheel designs - from fat and gnarly to thin and hard - you can readily access most environments with relative ease. No longer are beaches or hiking trails necessarily off limits. Reach for all the gusto as you create a great lifestyle in your custom-built ergonomic wheel chair.


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