Your Guide To The Best Photo Printers

Capture those precious baby moments and make a professional looking photo print, or two, or three, or hundreds. Photo printers make digital photography quick and easy. It's worth the investment, because your toddlers are only this age once. Let's see what your options are.

Find, Compare, and Buy Photo Printers in Seconds

The caliber of pictures you can get from a photo printer is unbelievable; you'd be amazed if you haven't seen what these machines can do. Granted it is difficult to match traditional photo prints, but some photo printers can trick you to believe that the images you print are straight from the lab.

Choosing a Photo Printer Priceless Baby Shots

  • Initial Considerations
Photo Printer

Before looking at specific printer types there are some things think about other than cost of printers, such as quality of prints, cost of inks, toners and paper, and whether you want a PC free printer or not.

Paper makes a big difference when printing photos. Plain paper produces the most artificial results, whereas high-gloss photo paper creates photo-realistic images. With that said, the more photo-specific the paper you purchase is, the cost is going to be higher.

Inks and toners also have a variety of prices, something to be aware of when searching for a photo printer. Typically, specific inks go with specific printers; it would be wise to query about printer-specific ink costs before purchasing a printer.

Realistically, when searching for a photo printer, there is no better way to go about it then to test a variety of models and compare the results. Photo printer reviews and consumer reports are also very helpful.

  • General Photo Printer Types

Specialized photo printers are excellent for printing pictures but may not be as practical for tasks such as word processing. Also, photo-specific printers typically require costly paper and inks.

Computer-free printers are precisely what their name advertises, strictly photo printers that operate independent of a PC. Prior to recent technology, an image needed to be first transferred onto a computer and then passed on to a printer. Two new models print images directly from either a flash-memory card or a digital camera itself. One model has slots to plug your memory card into, while the other has a digital camera connection.

  • Specific Photo Printer Types

Although there are many photo printer models to choose from, there are two that stand out among the rest; Ink Jets and Dye Subs.

Ink Jet Printers are popular for their low costs. Ink jets can print quality baby photos for comparatively inexpensive prices.

Dye Sub Printers (Dye Sublimation Printers) are high-end printers for photo-realistic images. Quality photo printing is led by these higher priced, quality photo makers. Make pictures that look as if they came straight from the print lab.

Whre to buy Photo Printers

Major labels that manufacture quality photo printer products include Canon, Epson and HP. Use these websites to check out specs on various photo printer models, then compare the physical products at Home and Office stores, such as Staples of OfficeMax.


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