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Blankets have always been a source of comfort and security. As children, we carried our blankets with us wherever we went; as adults we keep them close at hand in our homes. As a result, we know blankets are an important, versatile element of our home keeping, available in all kinds of colors and sizes, fabrics and textures

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Fabric content:
The fabric you choose for your blanket depends largely on its intended use. Blankets are available in natural and synthetic fibers, each with favorable aspects. Choose a lightweight acrylic blanket for hypoallergenic, washable, all-season bedding. Select a washable wool blanket for winter warming, or a decorative wool throw to warm your lap in front of the fire.

Weave or construction:
You will need to consider the type of weave or construction when choosing blankets for your home. Thermal is a loosely woven, or knitted blanket which allows air to circulate. It is a weave that will provide less warmth due to escaping body heat, and typically would be used in the warmer seasons, or by someone considered a "warm sleeper" in any season. Thermal blanks are usually made of acrylic or cotton fibers.

A conventional, tightly woven blanket is best used for warmth and insulation. Air is trapped beneath the blanket, against the body. Wool and synthetics are a typical fiber used in the manufacture of conventional blankets.

Specialty blankets:

Electric blankets, or automatic blankets, are usually made of synthetic materials with heating elements running through the blanket. Many blankets include features that allow for individualized heat zones and automatic shut-off, operated by remote controls that can be stored in the nightstand.

Throw blankets are available in a wide variety of colors, textures and fibers including fleece, chenille and cotton. They generally run smaller than standard blankets, measuring around 50"x 60", making them an inexpensive and practical decorating accent.

Industrial blankets / Safety blankets are essential to protect those who work around dangerous materials including fire and chemicals. These highly specialized blankets are most-often manufactured to standards dictated by government and professional regulations.

Blankets can be used for both function and fashion.

Function: Layer blankets in the winter to achieve maximum warmth. Use a combination of lightweight thermal and conventional weave blankets for breathable heating. Peel off layers depending on the thermostat setting.

Fashion: Layer blankets in various textures and colors to create a splash of color in the bedroom or accent in the family room, or simply to complement existing colors and fabrics.

Caring for your blankets

There is such a vast variety of blankets available today; caring for them is based on a blanket-by-blanket basis. Before machine washing, read the manufacturer's label to determine proper temperatures and dryer settings. Many natural fiber blankets, such as wool, cashmere and mohair, require dry cleaning - again, refer to the manufacturer's label.

Blankets warm, protect and comfort us throughout our lives. More than a household necessity, they are often our soul support as well. Search this website to find the blanket that fits your needs, your décor and your budget.

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