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A dog blanket is a convenient tool to use in training your pet where to sleep, adjust to new surrounding and provide him with a sense of security.

Dog Blanket - Find it. Love it. Buy it.

Use a dog blanket to teach your dog where to go when it is time for a rest. It can be placed in his own little nook in a room, preferably a spot where there is little foot traffic. With his familiar blanket to reassure him, your dog can relax undisturbed but still be a part of the household comings and goings.

Even though some dogs have no trouble curling up for a nap no matter where they are, they'll find comfort in having their blanket close at paw.

When traveling with your pet, it is a good idea to take his dog blanket with you. Your dog associates his blanket with all of the comfort and security of home. Using his familiar-smelling, familiar-feeling blanket will be reassure your pet, and help him to settle down in strange surroundings. It is especially important to use the dog blanket when traveling if your pooch is not easily adaptable to new environments. Have his blanket close at hand to lessen anxiety.

Dog Blanket

Choose a dog blanket that:

•  Fits your pet - big dog, big blanket!

•  Resists moisture or is highly absorbent - accidents happen!

•  Launders easily - be sure your pet's beloved blanket can be popped in the washer and dryer

•  Transports with an easy fold-up or roll-up

A fitted dog blanket will protect your pooch when its raining cats and frogs. Keep him dry in a waterproof blanket with adjustable straps for a comfortable fit. If he'll be walking in the cold, unleash the yuppie in your puppy and deck him out in warm, fleecy Burberry plaid blanket.

Whatever the occasion: a nap at home, a ride in the car, or a walk in the park, your dog's blanket will make his world a warmer place!

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