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Fleece blankets and throws are a popular choice when lightweight, long-lasting warmth is required. Fleece is the term used to describe material with a deep, soft nap or pile. The pile provides good insulating properties without a lot of weight - making it an excellent material for blankets. Natural fibers such as wool and cotton, and synthetics including acrylic and polyester, are commonly used in manufacturing fleece blankets and throws.

Fleece Blanket - Find it. Love it. Buy it.

Cotton and synthetic fleece blankets can be used as a year-round light layer of bedding, but fold up compactly for convenient storage on a shelf in the linen closet.

Hypoallergenic synthetic fleece baby blankets are handy for outings in the stroller or wrapping around baby in the car seat, or in a pinch, as a changing blanket. They are easy to clean and dry, too - just pitch them in the washer and dryer and they emerge as fluffy and soft as the day they were bought.

Fleece Blanket

Synonymous with modern synthetic fleece fabric are the Polarfleece® and Polartec® brands developed in the late 1970s and '80s. Polar fleece blankets , fabricated primarily from polyester, are soft, warm, machine washable and quick drying - expect your blanket to last as long as you need it!

Synthetic fleece blankets and throws are durable, pack compactly and offer a level of warmth rivaling heavier wool and cotton blankets, thus a desirable choice for camping or car rides, wherever space is at a premium.

Buy a polar fleece throw bearing your sports team emblem or have it monogrammed with your initials. Available in bright colors, hypoallergenic and virtually water repellent, fleece is a favorite choice for stadium blankets.

For a heavyweight in the lightweight warmth department, choose fleece!


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