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Saddle blankets are an important component in your horse's gear. Often used in combination with a saddle pad, a blanket is placed between the saddle and your horse's back to insure the saddle itself is a comfortable, correct fit.

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Originally saddle blankets were used just to keep the sweat off the horse - preventing sores and keeping them comfortable, even during long, arduous rides. To accomplish that job, a thin wool Navajo Indian blanket was the cowboy's common choice.

A combination of saddle blankets and pads can pick up some of the slack if a saddle does not fit perfectly. A saddle blanket is a single piece of material; a saddle pad is usually made of several layers. A saddle should fit your horse like a shoe should fit your foot. If sized correctly, all you need is a thin saddle blanket under the saddle, just as you would need only a single pair of socks with your shoes.

Saddle Blanket

Whatever saddle blanket you buy, you will want it to stay in place on your horse's back, so consider its shape or material when making a choice. A blanket that wrinkles or shifts is worse than no blanket at all.

Many horse owners prefer to use blankets made from natural fibers, such as cotton or wool - materials that will be absorbent and breathable. Densely woven blankets will usually absorb more and slip less, such as traditional Navajo saddle blanket, woven from wool. Polar fleece has become a popular material for saddle blankets recently - it is absorbent, wicks efficiently, and is comfortable and bouncy, even when wet.

Find just the right size, fabric and style for your horse's saddle blanket at one of the many online tack stores.


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