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Bed skirts are decorative bed accessories that cover your box springs and drop to the floor, hiding unsightly bed legs or a utilitarian metal frame.

They are also called dust ruffles (even if not actually ruffsled), because they fence in those frisky dust bunnies that frolic under the bed!

The popularity of Comforters and duvets has driven a corresponding demand for fashionable bed skirts in a variety of styles to accommodate a variety of decors. Bedskirts can be box-pleated, lace-trimmed or tailored in fabrics including cotton, linen, wool and synthetic blends. Add an extra dimension of texture to the bed by pairing your smooth duvet cover with a richly woven bed skirt in matelasse, seersucker or damask.

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How to measure for your bed skirt:

Measure the height from the floor to the top of your box springs to determine the "drop" length needed for your bed skirt. Since bed frame heights differ, it is important to take the specific measurement for your bed rather than rely on standard lengths to suffice. Most comforter sets come with a standard 14-inch drop bed skirt. However, mattress and box spring depths have climbed in recent years, and a 14-inch drop may end up hanging several inches from the floor. Aware of this size increase, bedding manufacturers are producing bedskirts in longer drop size to 22 inches and more.

Dust ruffles are also available that wrap around your box spring and attach with Velcro fasteners. This style allows you to adjust the height and also to remove it easily for cleaning and reattachment (rather than wriggling the bed skirt between the mattress and box springs to get it back into place).

If you do have one of the new 18-inch-plus deep box springs, and an old 14-inch drop skirt, consider layering it over a longer bedskirt, letting several inches of the bottom one to show. You'll achieve a lush, full look and won't need to discard your old skirt.

With the breadth of styles, fabrics and weaves available, you are sure to find a bed skirt that enhances the look of your bed, and keeps the dust bunnies at bay!



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