Chenille Bedding - Chenille Comforter or Duvet

Achieve just the right look for your bedroom with a chenille comforter or toile comforter; or try a faux fur, velvet, or jacquard comforter in your room.

In addition to color and pattern, texture-rich, visually interesting fabrics can make your bed a dramatic focal point.

Natural cotton bedspreads are always popular, not only for their year-round appeal, but for ease of maintenance and the variety of prints and colors available.

While lightweight, cotton bedspreads can top a winter bed that is layered with flannel sheets and warm blanket – making it easy to kick off!

Chenille Bedding - Find it. Love it. Buy it.

Other popular comforter and bedspread fabrics include:

  • Chenille – The French word for "caterpillar," chenille is a fabric similar in touch to cut velvet but with a thicker pile, woven from cotton, acrylic or polyester yarns. Plush and soft, a chenille comforter invites you to sleep on top of the covers!
  • Velvet - Nothing conveys elegance like a velvet comforter. A fabric renowned for its soft hand and depth of color and texture, velvet is a fabric choice that elevates the luxury factor of any bedroom. If upkeep isn't an issue, and your pooch doesn't sleep at the foot of the bed, a dry-clean-only velvet bed spread or comforter is a sumptuous indulgence that turns ordinary sleep into dreamy slumber.
  • Toile – Few fabrics evoke the past as a toile bed spread or comforter. A charming cotton print with French roots, toile (pronounced "twall") is a decorator classic, portraying scenes of rustic farmyards to flowers to birds to far-off locales and historic events. Older toiles were printed in black, red or dark blue designs on neutral backgrounds; modern printing techniques have has unleashed a rainbow of color combinations of toile, for example, pink and white scenes on a bright green background, or marine blue and ivory against a mustard yellow. Decorate your room around a classic toile comforter or bedspread, and blend country French styling with today's fresh colors.
  • Jacquard - Elegance rules when a jacquard comforter is draped across the bed. Woven fabrics produced by using a Jacquard attachment on a loom are called "jacquards." The attachment, named for its inventor, allows for versatility and intricacy in designs and individual control of yarn in the loom, creating subtly textured fabrics of almost unlimited variety and complexity.
  • Faux fur - High quality faux fur is a natural for comforters and bed spreads and seems especially appropriate for masculine bedrooms or lodge cabins. Exceptionally warm and luxuriant, capture a faux fur comforter or simulated fur spread in mink, fox or sable to cuddle up in.


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