Christmas Comforter - A John Deere comforter

Decorate for any season, theme or occasion with a Christmas comforter or John Deere comforter or any one of hundreds of specialty bed coverings.

A guest room bed is the ideal canvas on which to change the look of a room with each passing season or to acknowledge a visitor's hobbies or special interests. Decorating for the holidays? Put your guests in a festive mood by draping their bed with a beautiful Christmas comforter that conveys how special the season, and their visit, is.

For the sailor on board, spread out a nautical bedspread in a crisp navy and red plaid, or tuck in a lighthouse bedspread. Visitors arriving from Texas? Make them feel at home with a Southwestern bedspread in desert shades of terracotta and sage green or even a whimsical western bedspread printed in a cowboy hat and lasso motif.

Holiday Bedding - Find it. Love it. Buy it.

Beautifully dyed India bedspreads evoke exotic locales, and look as beautiful draped over a window as they do draped on the bed. An Asian bedspread of silk jacquard will set the tone for a beautiful Orient-inspired room setting.

Either a John Deere comforter or bedspread, patterned with its cheery green and yellow logo so familiar to anyone whose ever operated a tractor, or a country bedspread in homey plaid would be right at home in a farmhouse bedroom. For a more elegant country look, place a lacy Victorian bedspread over a polished four-poster, or adorn it with an ornate tapestry bedspread.

Look for season-specific discount comforters to be sold in the off-season, and the same goes for holiday bedding, such as a Christmas bedspread or Fourth of July red-white-and-blue comforter.

Use specialty comforters to express your special interests or acknowledge those of others in the household.

Give a football enthusiast an NFL bed spread emblazoned with a favorite team's emblem – surprise a fan with a Cleveland Indians bed spread.

Spring, summer, winter and fall, specialty comforters make everyone anticipate the coming season when the new comforter is pulled out of the the linen closet!


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