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An easy way to change the look of a room, a comforter cover is also essential in keeping your favorite down comforter fluffy, clean and free of dust.

A comforter cover, also referred to as a duvet cover, is sized to correspond to standard comforter dimensions, and designed to encase your fluffy down or fiberfill comforter much like a pillow case – closing at one end with a zipper, buttons or ties.

Not only does a comforter cover protect your valuable (and bulky) down or fiberfill comforter, but, depending on the fabric, is easy to launder at home. Down comforters especially should only be washed every year or two, so a washable protective cover is virtually a must to keep your comforter clean in the interim.

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Many comforter covers are sold in coordinated ensembles that include a bed skirt and pillow shams. Home fashion designers have addressed the demand for high-styled comforter covers and now include the versatile bed linens in their online and retail store collections.

If you envision a charming shabby chic look for your bedroom, select a stonewashed vintage floral or tufted chenille comforter cover to carry out your theme. Are you aiming for sleek, urban sophistication? Your bed will be the room's striking focal point in a butter-soft microsuede duvet cover. If your décor changes seasonally, it makes even more sense to keep a variety of comforter covers of on hand – a flannel duvet cover for fall and winter, a cotton comforter cover for spring and summer.

An extra comforter cover will come in handy on laundry day – slip off the soiled one off and toss in the wash and slide on the fresh cover. Neatly folded duvet covers won't take up much space in the linen closet either, so stock up on two or three discount comforter covers during the next white sale.

A boon for allergy-sufferers is the emergence of protective comforter covers that zip over the comforter and under the decorative cover – protecting you and the quilt from dust mites.

When selecting a protective cover, look for one constructed from hypoallergenic high-thread count fabric or fabric blends, specially tightly woven to create an effective dust mite barrier with little more weight than a smooth cotton sheet.

Your mattress may need to be encased in a plastic-coated cover, – but there's no need to plastic-coat your protective comforter cover. A high thread count and hypoallergenic fabric should adequately protect you from lurking allergens! Of course, hypoallergenic comforter covers are machine washable and dryable at high temperatures, just like regular sheeting.

Zip, slip, button or tie a decorative, protective cover over your down comforter and rest easy ... you can always change it tomorrow!


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