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Once the folks at family-owned Cuddledown of Maine discovered the luxury and sensibility of a down comforter, it became the mainstay of their Maine business.

The company started in 1973, making just one product sold directly to friends: goose down comforters. In those days of high oil prices, Cuddledown of Maine's comforters let their frugal New England friends lower the thermostat at night! Nowadays, in addition to their comforters, they produce down pillows, feather beds, wearing apparel, slippers, pet accessories and myriad other home and bath furnishings.

After 30 years in business, Cuddledown introduced its patent-pending Dual Warmth Comforter, "solving the problem of two partners who like to sleep at different temperatures." Each partner chooses the level of warmth they want from a down comforter, and the two "sections" are fastened together into a standard Queen or King-size comforter.

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Keeping in mind that extra-deep mattresses are in use in many homes, Cuddledown also offers its designer sizes," created to fit perfectly on extra-deep mattresses. The designer size Dual Warmth Comforters fit all of the new extra-deep mattresses, with two sections that are easily connected with cuff link-style fasteners.

Unlike zippers, snaps, or buttons, Cuddledown's connectors are virtually unbreakable and invisible. The overlap between sections is specially constructed to prevent cold air from sneaking out between the sections.

Cuddledown recommends the use of a comforter cover on all of its comforters. All of their down comforters and warmth levels are available in both the Dual Warmth and the Designer Sizes, so you can mix and match to get the comforter that best suits the both of you. Standard sizes fit into a regular comforter cover, and the Designer sizes fit into the company's own "Oversized" comforter covers.

Every Cuddledown down comforter, and down alternative comforter, feather beds and down-filled other products are made at the company's manufacturing plant in Portland, Maine

Contact Cuddledown:

Cuddledown's address is 312 Canco Road, Portland, ME 04103. Within the U.S., call 1-800-323-6793 (24 hours a day); outside the U.S., call 1-207-761-1855 (8 a.m. to 12 a.m. Eastern Standard Time)

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