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Don't break the bank when you buy bedding - discount comforters are easy to find and easy on the wallet! A varied selection of cheap comforters is available on the internet and in stores – you just have to know where to look, and what to look for.

The internet is the first stop if you are shopping for a discount comforter. Most online stores that sell bedding invite you to click on their "discount bin" or "closeouts" page. Also be sure to check out listings for "overstocks," "end of season buys" or "white sale" – no matter how you phrase it, there is a plethora of cheap comforters to be purchased on the internet.

If you are shopping locally, many large bed linen manufacturers offer discounts through their retail outlet stores, where usually older collections are for sale at vastly reduced prices. Pick up last year's Nautica or Ralph Lauren comforter set replete with matching pillow shams and bed skirt for a fraction of what it may have cost just a few seasons before.

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At least once and often twice a year, major department stores and online stores promote their "white sales," referring to a sale on all household linens, including comforters and other bedding accessories. Take advantage of the major discounts offered during a store's white sale: in addition to getting a bargain bed cover, stock your linen closet with fresh mattress pads, comforter covers and pillows.

To find wholesale comforters, check out closeout or overstock listings online. Online retailers that supply bedding to hotels, motels or residential facilities may sell overstocks or "seconds" at such a low discount they are virtually wholesale-priced. Bedding manufacturers, especially online, will allow you to purchase wholesale comforters, but may require a minimum purchase – so if you are furnishing several bedrooms, it may be an economical choice.

Don't think that your discount comforter is poor quality. Even stores that sell "second" quality comforters usually apply that term when there is a superficial imperfection in the piece – a color may be off or a pattern printed off-kilter. If you are purchasing a "second," take care to examine the comforter to ensure that whatever the flaw, it won't affect the look you trying to achieve. And since comforters are generally reversible, it may be that the flaw is only one side, with the other side being perfectly fine - in which case, you've got a bargain!

Buying a designer discount comforter is an expensive way to update your bedroom – even if your new covering is last year's latest thing, chances are accessories are still being produced in the same color wave. Most manufacturers will stick to a pattern or color theme for a year or two, giving you the opportunity to update your décor with less expensive bedding accessories.


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