Dorm Bedding Sets - Dorm Bed in a Bag

Heading off to college means spending money on textbooks, school supplies and even your own dorm bedding sets.

Your college dorm is your own space that you can decorate however you wish. You can pick the wackiest dorm bed-in-the-bag set you wish.

Colleges do provide you with a bed and mattress, but that is about it. You must purchase your own bedding and linens.

You do need to shop for dorm bedding sets to save money. You can purchase sheets, comforters and pillowcases separately, but you will quickly blow your budget. Remember that even used text books will cost you hundreds of dollars, so budget your money best by getting everything you need for your bedding in one shot.

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College Necessities

When you head off to college, you become responsible for everything in your life. You need to manage your money. Prepare your own snacks. Get your own meals. Purchase your college textbooks. Get to classes on time. It is the biggest step towards independence.

Colleges provide you with little beyond your class schedule and access to your professors. Room décor is up to you. You must bring your own pillows, bedding and linens.

Benefits to Dorm Bedding Sets

Dorm bedding sets contain everything you need for your new dorm bedding. In one convenient package, you get:

- Blanket
- Comforter
- Extra-long twin sheet set
- Mattress pad
- Pillowcases

Some companies like make it easier for college students to equip their new dorm room. Their dorm bed-in-a-bag sets add pillows, bath towels, washcloths, under-the-bed storage containers and a pop-up hamper. The dorm bedding sets come packed in handy carrying cases making it easy to pack for your big move.

Not Any Sheet Set Will Do

College dorm mattresses are longer than traditional twin mattresses. Many twin sheet sets will not fit dorm beds. Make sure the sheets you buy will fit an extra-long mattress. Many dorm bedding sets automatically include the longer sheet sets, so sticking to a dorm bedding set makes sense.

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