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Renowned today for its goose-down comforters, Eddie Bauer Inc. might never have gotten "down" to business at all had it not been for a cold winter in 1935.

That's when its founder, Eddie Bauer, nearly froze to death on a fishing trip, and ended up creating the first quilted goose down-insulated jacket.

The popularity grew for Eddie Bauer's down products, and the company began to supply the Army with down sleeping bags and flight gear, as well as outfitting treks to Mount Everest.

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Today, through its Eddie Bauer Home line, the company has expanded its repertoire of goose-down and feather-filled products to include comforters, mattress covers, pillows and feather beds. Alternatives to goose down fill are also available in the company's bedding collection.

Eddie Bauer produces four categories of goose-down comforters:

  • Basic - 550 fill power - 360 thread count
  • Classic - 600 fill power - 300 thread count
  • Premium - 650 fill power - 260 thread count
  • Superior - 700 fill power - 230 thread count

Each category offers Light (equivalent to one wool blanket) and Medium (two wool blankets) levels of warmth (except Basic, available in Light only). So, while comforters in the same category can have the same fill power (the higher, the better), the actual amount of the down filling in each can be different to achieve different levels of warmth.

For example, the Eddie Bauer's Superior comforters are both listed at 700 fill power, but the Light covering contains 18 oz of goose down fill, while the Medium contains 21½ oz of goose down fill. Both the Classic and Premium Light comforters contain 21 oz of fill, while the Medium warmth comforters in those categories have 25 oz of down filling. The Basic is only offered in Light warmth, with 18 oz of goose down fill.

The company also offers alternatives to goose down fill for its comforters, feather beds and pillows:

  • Primaloft® – hypoallergenic, water-resistant polyester microfibers closely resembling goose down; "equivalent to 550-fill-power down."
  • Microlux®- "spring-like support that's softer than silk," hypoallergenic
  • Ingeo® - An all-natural fiberfill created from raw materials including corn.

To extend the life of your comforter, consider purchasing a high thread count, washable comforter cover that will slip and zip over your down investment, keeping it fresh and soil free.

Contact the Eddie Bauer Company at 1-800-625-7935.

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