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Slumber soundly nestled in your feather bed and let dreams of clouds fill your head! Luxurious and warm, a feather bed adds a fluffy layer of comfort to your bedtime experience.

What is, and what is in, a feather bed ? As its name implies, feather beds are basically mattress pads encasing a mix of mostly feathers and a little down (unlike down comforters, which should be mostly, if not all, down). Feathers are flat with a hard tube-like quill that makes them heavier than down. While feathers have minimal insulation value since they cannot trap air as effectively as down, they do offer greater resistance than down when compressed from body weight –an important aspect of feather beds.

Featherbed - Find it. Love it. Buy it.

Goose feathers are preferable to duck feathers, since the latter tend to take on an odor when dampened from humidity or sweat. A 95 percent feather - 5 percent down blend is the premier mix for a quality featherbed. Synthetic-fill beds are also available, and are also hypoallergenic.

Construction method : Look for feather beds made using baffle construction – baffles are small fabric walls sewn between the top and bottom of the cover in lieu of direct stitching. Baffles create spaces in which the feathers can loft or fluff up, offering a higher level of warmth and also serve to prevent the feathers from shifting into corners or to one end or another.

Where does the feather bed go ? Your featherbed rests on top of the mattress, and you rest on top of the feather bed! Make up your bed with a fitted bottom sheet then place your feather bed directly over it. Your top sheets, blankets and/or comforter would then go over the feather bed (but tuck them in loosely if at all so as not to flatten the feathers).

A protective feather bed cover is a must : Be sure to encase your feather bed in a protective feather bed cover. Similar in styling to a duvet cover, it protects the bed from oils and dirt and is easily removable for home laundering. Like pillow protectors and mattress covers, a feather bed cover is usually white, since a comforter or bedspread usually hides it.

Choose high thread count cotton for your feather bed cover, which will give you an added measure of protection from tiny poking quills (it happens in the best beds!). Your protective cover extends the life of your featherbed – which will now only need airing out on a sunny, breezy day to restore it to its original freshness.

Most online retailers and down manufacturers include feather beds in standard mattress sizes in their collections, as well as matching feather bed covers. Fast becoming a favorite of college kids, feathers beds bring a back-home comfort to notoriously hard dorm mattresses!

Indulge your desire for the perfect night's sleep and sink into a feather bed ... just make sure you don't have to be anywhere for the next 12 hours!

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