Pink comforters - A Black, Purple, or Red Comforter

Color your world with a vibrant pink comforter or passion purple bed spread. Spread the bed in black or plaid, red, white or blue!

The sky's the limit, or rather, the rainbow in the sky is the limit, when it comes to color options in a comforter, bed spread or duvet cover.

Pink comforters enjoy a top spot in the color preference department, followed by black, then purple and red. If you can't decide on a favorite, choose a reversible comfortable in navy and red, for example, if you have a nautical theme in your bedroom. Better yet, accentuate all your favorite colors with a plaid comforter or bedspread that reverses to a complementary solid on one side. Slip a striped duvet cover over your comforter that can be switched out to a solid black duvet cover, and celebrate your light and dark moods!

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Choose a bed spread or duvet cover from pink shades of deep magenta to soft blush. That color wave continues to be a favorite theme in feminine bedroom décor – whether in a solid or patterns, stripes, checks, florals or toiles, or a mix of those patterns. Depending on the age of the bedroom's occupant, accent colors favored with a pink comforter are black and lime for a fresh and flirty look; or white and ecru for an understated and sophisticated décor.

Purple bedspreads, comforters and duvet covers, from the palest lavender to the deepest eggplant, are a perennial favorite, especially when carried out in buttery-soft baby-wale corduroy for a toddler or glamorous sateen for a budding starlet. Complementary shades of yellow will perk up a predominately purple room, so try a sunny-colored bed skirt or bolster pillow to perk up the purple.

Dressing your bed in basic black is an elegant, urbane choice, especially in a surprising fabric: A velvety chenille, dusky taffeta or metro microsuede comforter will add interest in spades to the effect you are creating. Complete the look with matte black lampshades and faux leather pillows and you'll feel like you've just stepped into an old Cary Grant movie!

Be bold! Think red for your bed! Decorators will tell you that this is the Decade of Red – you'll see it on upholstery, walls, carpets and all over the bedroom! Dispense with the idea that red's only right on Valentine's Day ... it's the color of love all year round. An opulent burgundy, a saucy tomato – let the vitality of red brighten your bed and your mood!

If the master bedroom is on the flowery, feminine side, balance it with a coordinating plaid comforter that picks up the other colors in the room. Or give in to your inner gardener and throw a botanical-print duvet across your bed.

For total freedom in decorating, select a solid cover, such as a blue bedspread or purple bedspread that is easily accentuated with a variety of floral and geometrically patterned accessories.

Your bed topped with your favorite colors, you'll feel like you've landed at the end of the rainbow ... maybe tonight you'll even be dreaming in color!

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