Satin Comforter - Satin Comforter Set

Indulge your sensuous side with a sumptuous satin comforter or satin bedspread, and add touch of old-world elegance to your bedroom.

Drape your bed in a red satin comforter and set the stage for romance. Swathe it in luminous black satin, for a look of understated opulence. A satin comforter set that includes smooth sheets and pillow shams will lure you to bed and lull you to sleep, afloat in a sea of luxury.

Lustrous satin is a sensational option for topping your bed, but before you buy a satin comforter, satin bedspread or satin duvet cover, consider the following:

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Woven or knitted ?

Satin doesn't refer to a fabric, but to a type of weave, though historically, the only true satin was woven from silk. Nowadays there are varying types and qualities of fabric sold as "satin.

The most important consideration in choosing satin bedding is the weave – so look for "woven" in the description of your satin comforter, not "knit." A knit satin fabric (often made with polyester or acetate) will have a rougher surface than a high-thread-count, woven satin, which may be fine for a comforter, and certainly easier on your budget. However, if you are also seeking that slippery smoothness that satin is famous for, whether in a comforter or sheets, make sure you are getting a woven, not knitted, product.

Lustrous bridal satin is a top quality satin –a sleek woven fiber so-named because many bridal gown manufacturers use it. While acetate bridal satin is machine washable, do not wash your satin comforter at home – it is too bulky and the satin will wrinkle. If you have a bridal satin duvet cover, follow printed washing instructions. A densely woven bridal satin comforter across the bed conveys pure old-world elegance; if properly cared for, you can enjoy that look for a lifetime.

What gives satin its smoothness ?

A high thread count resulting from the small size and tight weave of the fibers is what gives satin its unmistakable buttery-smooth feel. Synthetic fibers like polyester, nylon and acetate can be produced in extremely fine strands, which make them ideal for high thread count fabrics used for a satin weave.

And why is it shiny ?

The luster of satin comes from the type of thread used in the weave. Other than silk, very few natural fibers are glossy, so again, synthetics like polyester and acetate must be used to achieve that gleam of woven satin or knitted satin.

 Caring for your satin comforter

If your comforter is made of satin weave of silk or nylon, protect it from the sun to avoid fading and fiber damage. If your bed is in a sun-filled room, choose a polyester or acetate satin for your comforter. Regardless of the fabric content, it is best to have your satin comforter commercially washed or dry cleaned rather than laundered at home. Sleeping under satin covers truly makes a night's rest a luxury!

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