Bedspreads for Teens - Teenager Bedspread and Bedding

When choosing a bedspread for teens, it is important to consider material, design and color.

Many teenagers have allergies to certain materials like goose down, rayon and polyester. It is important to shop carefully if your teenager does have an allergy to certain dyes or fabrics.

The best bedspreads from teens should appeal to their artistic nature. Make sure you let them choose their favorite colors and designs. If you go shopping without them, you are likely to end up with a very disappointed teen. Bedrooms should be private havens, not rooms where a teen hates being because nothing appeals to their senses.

Materials Used in Bedspreads

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Bedspreads for teens come in a variety of materials. These include:

- Chenille
- Corduroy
- Cotton
- Denim
- Faux fur
- Polyester blends
- Rayon
- Satin
- Silk
- Velvet

Remember that satin bedspreads, while they may look cool, have a tendency to slip easily off a bed. In the end, your teenager may become sick of waking up without a comforter on the bed.

Organic cotton tends to breathe best making it a great choice for warm climates. Denim and corduroy withstand frequent use best because the material is stronger.

Comforters usually contain goose down or poly-fill inside the comforter. If your teenager has allergies, make sure you check what the filler material contains. Take all of these issues into consideration when shopping for bedspreads for teens.

Popular Bedding Designs and Colors for Teenagers

Fads come and go, so try to stick with bedspreads for teens that come in a pattern or solid color that will still be fashionable a few years from now. Bedding is expensive, so it’s best to find bedding that will give you a lot of use over time.

Stripes and plaids are fashionable for both boys and girls and have been popular for decades. Solid colors are always a great choice. Dark blues, black and gray suit teenage boys. You can add color to their room with curtains and carpeting. Teenage girls tend to go for bright colors like emerald green, dark purple and different shades of blue. Pinks work well for teenager girls, but make sure they really like pink first! Once the bedding is in place, teenagers can personalize their room through pictures, wall hangings, pillows, throws and lamps.

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