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When buying teen pillows, always consider the pillow fill, the firmness level and the quality level.

To ensure your teenager gets a good night’s sleep, the pillow you buy must provide the best comfort possible. It is good to know what your teen prefers before buying or you will spend more money than necessary.

Choosing a Pillows Firmness

Few teenagers are happy with one pillow for sleeping. Most teens will want to stack at least two pillows on top of each other so that their head and neck receive the necessary support. In general, soft teen pillows are best for stomach sleepers while extra firm sleepers are good for those who sleep on their side. Medium firmness works for others who frequently change their position or only sleep on their back. Many teenagers toss and turn, so try a teen pillow with medium firmness to start and a soft pillow for stacking.

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Types of Pillows

When shopping for teen pillows, you have a few options. They include:

1. Buckwheat kernels

2. Cotton filled

3. Goose down

4. Memory foam

5. Polyfill

Allergies may be an issue with goose down, so only look at down teen pillows if you know your teen has no allergies to animal dander. Cotton filled pillows can feel like down but are generally hypoallergenic

Memory foam pillows remember the shape of your head and neck. They provide exceptional support, but can be impossible to wash. Polyfill pillows are affordable and are easiest to wash. However, some teenagers with allergies to rayon may have problems with polyfill.

Buckwheat kernel pillows comfort the head and neck, but they come with a few downsides. If your teenager tosses and turns in the night, buckwheat kernel pillows usually make a crinkly sound when you move around. This can be distracting if you are trying to get to sleep. They also tend to be higher priced that polyfill pillows.

Take your teen with you and have them test out teen pillows and decide which option works best for them. This ensures your teenager is happy and you will not spend a lot of money during the trial and error process to find ideal teen pillows.

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