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Teenagers dress fashionably and want to extend their tastes into their décor. When shopping for sheets for teens, let them have their say in the fabrics and styles you purchase.

It is also important to look at the thread counts on your teenager’s sheet sets. Even teens like to climb into silky smooth sheets and enjoy the cool sensation that quality cotton delivers.

A thread count is the number of cotton threads woven vertically and horizontally together to form the fabric that sheets are made of. Generally, higher priced sheets have a superior thread count.

Differences in Cotton

There are three main types of cotton used in sheets for teens: Egyptian, Pima and Supima.

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Egyptian cotton comes from the Nile River Valley and is one of the most durable forms of cotton on the market. Long cotton fibers help enhance the cotton’s strength. Sheets using Egyptian cotton are of superior quality. Supima cotton, developed in the United States, is proving to be tough competition with Egyptian cotton barely edging them out of the top spot for softness and durability.

Pima cotton is grown in Peru and hot, dry areas of the United States. The cotton is extremely soft, but does not share the same durability of Egyptian cotton. If you want affordable sheets for teens, Pima cotton is the best choice.

Trendy Patterns and Colors for Sheets

Teenagers love injecting color into their bedrooms. Bright colors suit either males or females. Guys tend to go for the more masculine colors like dark blue, chocolate brown, black, gray and forest green. Girls’ tastes vary. Many girls like to fill their room with ocean colors like royal blue, teal and emerald green.

When choosing patterns, boys tend to prefer solid sheet sets but will use plaids if they are subtle. Girls love patterns. Dots, stripes, abstract designs and even animal prints work well for a teenage girls. Just remember to let them pick their favorite styles and you will have sheets for teens that they will love.

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