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Unleash your teens in the linen department and let them pick out their own teen comforters or comforter sets.

No longer children, teens are ever-changing, growing individuals whose bedrooms become their haven – let them decorate in their own fashion, according to their own developing tastes.

A teen comforter is usually the starting point when your 15-year-old shifts her room décor from lavender Little Ponies to a sophisticated French toile in elegant black and green. Whatever the palette or fabric, your teen should consider the bed a blank canvas upon which to create a theme that will reflect burgeoning interests and tastes.

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A teen comforter set will relieve your adolescent of some of the mundane decisions of coordinating the bedding – once he's picked out the perfect comforter for his room, whether a print or solid color, all the remaining accessories will be ready-set to carry out the theme. Whether your teen is creating a room with an "everything has to match" requirement, or implements an eclectic décor, choices in furniture, lighting and accessories abound to enhance the atmosphere in your teen's refuge.

Bold colors are a perennial trend in teen comforter design, along with geometric prints, stripes, checks and solids. Teens with mature tastes may appreciate more subtle looks, and instead of pattern and color, might look for unusual textures and weave. Denim, a staple in teen clothing, is a popular comforter fabric - it's soft, familiar, durable and goes with anything, just like their jeans!

Down comforters with colorful duvet covers are excellent choices for teen comforters. Lightweight yet warm, a down comforter is a year-round bed topper, and with a variety of looks available in comforter covers, your teen isn't locked into a look. A down comforter can also travel with your teen to college, with a change of cheap duvet covers to fit the dorm décor!

Retro looks are a favorite for teens, so an old-fashioned tufted chenille bedspread would be a cozy choice to complete the pajama party look your teen is striving for. A camouflage bedspread in desert khaki might appeal to a teenager who loves to camp or has an interest in the military, a nautical bedspread would express his love of love of sailing.

Extra top-of-the-covers accents can make a teenager's bed even more unique. Suggest your teen experiment with a variety of creative touches including:

  • A monogrammed throw pillow
  • A lustrous satin quilt folded at the foot of the bed
  • A bulky knit throw
  • Mix-and-match patterned pillows in fun designs
  • Vividly-colored anything!

Teenagers are finding out about themselves - let them contemplate in a room that truly reflects their tastes and individuality.

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