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It may sound exotic, but a duvet is simply a down or fiber-filled comforter, so don't be intimidated by the terminology! Just remember that if you are shopping for a down comforter, you are shopping for a duvet!

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Duvets , the European term for traditional down or other fiber-filled comforters, are usually made from cotton sheeting or other plain fabrics. To protect and jazz up an otherwise plain duvet (pronounced "doo-vay"), use a decorative duvet cover that slips off easily for washing and that can also be changed to accommodate any change in season or decorating whim.

Just like a down comforters, a down duvet offers lightweight warmth year round. Thorough cleansing of the down results in a largely hypoallergenic product, and encasement in high-thread-count cotton will further decrease the emergence of allergens. The best duvets are created with baffle construction, allowing the goose down to regain and retain its fluff (loft) after compression.

Duvets are sized like comforters, so layer it over a bed skirt if your bed height allows. Platform beds, which are lower to the floor than standard beds, are ideal frames for duvets, and require no other accessories for a sleek, urban look other than a scattering of pillows.

Bedding designers and retailers often use the term "duvet" when they are actually describing a " duvet cover." Make sure that when you are shopping for a duvet comforter there is no confusion in terms - look for a product description that includes fill content, construction technique etc. And a tip: If the "duvet" being advertised is described as "machine washable," or "slips on easily and fastens with ties" – it a is a duvet cover they're talking about!

Duvet Covers

Down duvets frequently go on sale, usually in the winter months after Christmas, as do duvet covers, which are a must for any down bedding. Its fancy name shouldn't make your top quality down duvet cost any more than a top quality down comforter, since they are the same thing! Be an informed consumer when it comes to investing in down – construction, caliber of contents, and cotton quality are the key factors that should affect price.



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