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Stock your linen closet with a variety of duvet covers for quick changes in bedroom décor. Herald special occasions and seasonal changes with a quick switch of covers! A brushed flannel duvet cover warms crisp autumn nights, but slip on a floral duvet cover at the first hint of spring! Carry a Christmas theme into the bedroom with a rich red matelasse duvet cover.

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The down and synthetic-filled comforters in your home should all be encased in duvet covers. They will protect the comforters from body sweat and dirt, and add an extra measure of allergen resistance – especially if fabricated from high thread count cotton.

 Duvet covers , synonymous with comforter covers, are available in an array of colors, patterns and textures to enhance your room setting and beautify your bed. Shop for duvet covers that will fit as closely with your comforter size as possible.

If your bedding slips around inside your duvet comforter cover, there is a simple remedy: buy a set of inexpensive comforter clips for your local linens outlet. Turn your duvet cover inside out and clip each corner of the comforter to each corner of the duvet cover. Turn it right side out and problem solved!

There are many types of duvet covers, and their smooth styling lends itself particularly well to high-thread count, texture-rich fabrics that won't weigh down the fluffy bedding inside. In addition to fine quality cotton, lustrous satin, shimmery silk, slubby linen and leather-look microsuede are lightweight fabrics that carry a heavyweight punch of texture and shine, ideal for a duvet comforter cover.

Duvet Covers

Using duvet covers in your decorating plan is a convenient and creative way to dress your bed, and protect your comforter. Duvet covers slip off as easily as a pillowcase when it comes time for cleaning or changing, and even if your duvet cover must be dry cleaned, you'll be saving the expense of cleaning a down comforter!



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