Body Spray Shower– Smart Trends for the Bathroom

Full body spray showers relieve muscle tension while relaxing your mind. Find out about the latest home modeling fashion accessory for your bathroom. Learn about head and hand massage body spray designs by leading plumbing fixture designers.

Find, Compare, and Buy a Body Spray Shower

Getting That Luxurious Body Spray Shower Massage

* Hydro Massage Every Day. You don't have to pay thousands at a health spa in order to get a daily body-relaxing massage. Simply install a replacement body spray shower in your bathroom... and feel the difference! Imagine pulsating jets of water running the entire length of your shower.. which you can control.. so that you can focus on tired muscles and become total-body-relaxed.

Body Spray Shower

* How Do Body Spray Shower Units Operate? Body spray showers generally consist of spray valves along the length of your shower wall. There are typically eight to ten nozzles (four or five in each column) which are vertically arranged in order to spray the body from head to toe.

* Finger Tip Control. Valves in each of the nozzles allow for pressure and volume adjustments at your whim. Also, though the nozzles are mounted to the wall, they are similar to most showerheads in that they are designed to pivot such that you can spray in any direction in order to reach any part of your body.

* Getting The Best Shower Spray Massage Unit. Iif you're planning to remodel your bathroom and want to install a body spray shower unit, then you'll need the advice of a qualified plumber, since the plumbing supply or hardware is more complex than a traditional shower spray. Custom shower designs typically anticipate a wider range of plumbing fixtures, so you'll be in good shape for adding a shower spray massage system in your remodeling plan.

* How Body Spray Showers Work. Your new shower massage circulates water in your shower bed with a pump connected to the spray nozzles. Here's what you do. First you fill your basin with water from the standard shower head or bath spout and then close the drain. Once the tub is full you simply turn on the body spray pump and your nozzles spray water.

The body spray shower jets are initially preset to low. You can gradually increase the water pressure until you get the water pressure and shower jets positioned just right for you. Once you're finished using the body spray shower all you have to do is turn off the pump and drain your tub.

* Leading Body Shower Spray Manufacturers To Look For. After you've established some budget guidelines for your bathroom makeover, plus carried out some basic measurements, then you'll want to look over the shower body spray designs offered by leading firms such as s Kohler, Moen and Keidel.

Treat yourself or your visiting guests to an all body shower spray massage and see the welcome smiles and relaxation spread.


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