Haircutting Tips - How to Cut Hair

Always start with clean dry hair. Gels and sprays make it harder to cut. Lightly moisten the hair with a spray bottle for control.

To avoid cutting hair too short, cut from the top of the head down to the sides.

When selecting snap-on guards, start with the longer hair guard first. You can always go shorter later.

Always cut hair in a well lit area.

Do not push or shove the clipper through thick hair. Let the power of the tool do the work.

Cut hair in vertical sections or at a diagonal. Horizontal cutting leaves marks and is harder to blend.

When cutting longer or thicker hair, subdivide the hair into smaller sections for accuracy and control.

Weather permitting, cut outside on the back deck! Better lighting and less clean-up!

Cutting small children's hair is best in front of the television. This will help if they are nervous and will also help them to sit still.

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