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An Anti Snoring Pillow offers a great way to improve your health. Snoring in itself is not dangerous unless it is linked to sleep apnea, a medical condition where you stop breathing during the night. However, snoring can deprive your body of necessary sleep and impact your relationship.

Anti Snore Pillow - Find it. Love it. Buy it.

Studies find that some divorces are in fact linked to snoring, especially with loud, excessive snoring. In addition, failing to get a full night's sleep impairs your immune system, your mental health and your physical abilities. With a proper anti snore pillow, you can end your snoring for good.

The Blackstone Anti-Snoring Pillow

Blackstone's bedroom pillow is angled to keep your head elevated while you sleep. The award-winning anti-snore pillow comes with a seven-year warranty and is one of the most comfortable pillows on the market. In addition to helping sleepers with their snoring problem, patients diagnosed with acid reflux also find the pillow is helpful to relieving nighttime heartburn.

Brookstone's Anti-Snore Pillow

Brookstone manufactures a popular bedroom pillow made from memory foam. The pillow has recesses for your neck and head and also includes tapered sides to keep your head in place while you sleep.

The Brookstone Anti-Snoring pillow is perfect for both side and back sleepers. The head and neck support keeps you positioned properly preventing your chin from tucking to the chest causing your air passageway to become restricted.

Obus Forme's Anti Snoring Pillow

Obus Forme sells an anti-snoring pillow that receives high praise from moderate snorers who sleep on their back or side. The pillow is designed to help back sleepers keep their head turned to the side to reduce snoring. The memory foam bed pillow comes with a machine washable cover and is sized to fit a standard bedding pillow case.

Snore No More Bed Pillow

The Snore No More anti-snoring pillow is sized to match a typical bed pillow so it fits any standard pillowcase. It's a very firm pillow with hypo-allergenic foam that supports your neck and head while leaving a gap for your shoulder. It's best for side sleepers.

Choosing an Anti-Snore Pillow

With many anti-snore pillows on the market, you should look for a pillow that fits your preferred sleep position. If you are sensitive to dust mites and allergens, look for hypo-allergenic bedroom pillows.

Finally, anti-snoring pillows come in a variety of price ranges. Remember that the highest priced is not always the best choice for you, just as the cheapest price may turn out to fall apart quickly.

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