Back Support Pillow - Lumbar Pillows Reduce Back Pain

End back pain by using quality back support pillows. Flat mattresses do little to help support your spine in a proper position. Sleeping in one position usually leads to a stiff neck or sore lower back by morning. If you move around a lot in the night, your restless sleep leaves you tired and cranky in the morning. Using bed pillows that help position your spine correctly will help alleviate back pain and provide you with a restful night's sleep.

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What is Your Sleep Position

The position in which you sleep can put your spine out of alignment. Sleeping on your back often leads to neck and shoulder discomfort because the neck is propped up higher than the upper spine and hips. In addition, back sleepers often snore excessively and have a higher risk of sleep apnea. Back support pillows help keep snoring to a minimum.

Sleeping on your stomach puts incredible pressure on your spine's center and neck. This is especially true of pear shaped women who hold more of their weight in the hips and buttocks leading to incorrect spine positioning at night. Stomach sleeping increases the risk of stomach acids coming back up in the esophagus.

Sleeping on your side is generally considered the best position for spinal alignment and to reduce snoring. You should keep a bed pillow or wedge between your knees and make sure your neck is not too high off the mattress. If your head tilts upwards, you'll end up with neck pain.

What to Look for in Back Support Pillows

The best back support pillows are extended in length so that they support all of your spine. The often have a neck roll to support the curve of your neck and then travel down to your hips with a second arch for lumbar support.

Other Benefits to Back Support Pillows

Some back support pillow brands are designed for office chairs. You use velcro straps to attach the spine support pillow to your chair back. The back support pillow provides lumbar support that keeps you pain free even after hours behind your desk.

The massaging back pillows are even better. If you feel tense, turn on the pillow and the massaging nodules ease away tension before a back ache can start.

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