Back Pillow Wedge Support - Bed Back Wedges

A back pillow wedge provides lumbar support to your lower spine. There are three key styles available when shopping for these bedroom pillows:

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  • Full body wedge
  • Upper torso wedge
  • Upper and lower torso wedge

Depending on the level of your back pain, you may find the smaller upper torso back pillow wedge suits your needs. Others find the full body wedge is a better match.

Full Body Back Pillow Wedge

The full body back pillow wedge supports your upper and lower spine. At the same time, the full length pillow provides knee, hip and leg support. It's large, but folds up into eight positions allowing you to use it for reading, watching television or sleeping.

A full body back pillow wedge comes in two pillows that zip together. You can unzip one portion for separate use, especially if you need knee support in bed or while sitting on the sofa. Zip them together for the patented zero-gravity support.

Full body back pillow wedges support all of your spine while keeping your shoulders and head elevated. Because your upper torso is raised, conditions like acid reflux, sleep apnea and snoring are alleviated. Elevate your legs during pregnancy to reduce swollen ankles. The pillow offers many benefits that make it worthwhile.

An Upper and Lower Torso Back Pillow Wedge

Upper and lower torso body wedge pillows provide full spine and lumbar support. These pillows offer support for your neck and travel down as far as the hips where the pillow comes to an end.

Most upper and lower torso back pillow wedges are made from memory foam that matches your spine's curves. Memory foam is also good at allowing air to flow around you preventing sweating and overheating making it hard to sleep on summer nights.

Look for pillows that come with covers for easy washing. Look for pillows with neck support, many have curved bumps to match the curvature of your neck.

An Upper Torso Back Pillow Wedge

Similar to the hip length back pillow wedge, an upper torso back pillow wedge starts below the shoulders and provides memory foam comfort to the upper back, neck and head. These bed pillows benefit people who have sleep apnea, snore loudly or suffer from acid reflux.

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