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Sitting behind a desk can be a pain, but a back lumbar massage pillow helps keep you comfortable. Long hours spent typing reports, entering data or answering phones often leads to back and spine discomfort.

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While specialists state you should get up and walk around every half hour, many times this goal is difficult to achieve. Laws requiring companies to only give you two fifteen minute breaks per day keep workers at their desk. Heavy work loads make it harder to get away. One way to relieve discomfort from sitting involves using a lumbar pillow to provide back support and provide a soothing massage.

The iNeed Back Lumbar Massage Pillow

One of the nation's top selling back lumbar massage pillows is sold by Brookstone, Amazon and other online retailers. The iNeed lumbar pillow offers four massage nodes positioned evenly to reach all areas of the lower back. Plugged in, the lumbar support pillow gives a Shiatsu massage to release tension and ease pain. The rest of the time, the pillow provides back support to keep your spine straight.

The Buzz Back Lumbar Massage Pillow

Six metal nodules on the Buzz back lumbar massage pillow vibrate to give you a lower back massage. The battery operated lumbar support pillow runs on D cells and comes in a variety of colors to match your office décor. The Buzz lumbar pillow is sold online and in some office or bath and body stores.

Contour Lumbar Support Pillow with Massage Feature

The Contour Lumbar Support pillow offers a unique design that snuggles up to your spinal column. A gap in the center of the pillow matches your spine, so the pillow doesn't dig in. Sold in many retailers like Target, the back lumbar massage pillow is hypoallergenic and has a curved top for neck support.

Sirius Spine Ease Massage Pillow

The Sirius Spine Ease Massage Pillow is small enough to bring with you in the car, plane, train or bus. The pillow's shape matches the natural curve of your lower back. While supporting your spine while you sit, there is a massage function that gives you a relaxing lower back massage while you work, relax or travel.

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