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If you read or watch television in bed, a backrest pillow provides much needed lumbar support. The backrest pillow props up behind you to provide spine support preventing lower back pain. There are many styles available, so it's important to choose a bed pillow with the features and support you need.

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Anyone who is bedridden for any length of time needs a backrest pillow. Whether you've come down with the flu and simply must stay in bed to rest or broke a leg and must remain stationary for a week, this type of bed pillow allows you to sit up and entertain yourself without having to get out of bed.

Being in bed for an extended period of time is hard on the back, however. Soft mattresses and bedroom pillows that lack the correct support cause back and neck pain. You can end the suffering with a bed pillow that supports your spine, particularly the lumbar region.

Benefits to Pregnant Women

During labor, many birthing coaches recommend the woman's partner sit behind her for support and comfort. When this isn't possible, a backrest pillow works as a suitable replacement. The woman has the back support she needs, and optional items like cup holders, remote storage and book storage allow her to keep her mind off the contractions by having something else to do.

Features of the NAP Backrest Pillow

NAP's patented backrest pillow is packed with features that make time spend in bed pleasurable. The bedroom pillow includes massaging nodules, a reading lamp, cup and remote holders, and folds flat for storage. In addition, the arms have storage pockets for your favorite books or magazines.

Features of the Bed Lounge Back Rest Pillow

A Bed Lounge bedroom pillow offers hinged arm rests allowing you to move them out of your way as needed. The Bed Lounge offers an adjustable down pillow that can be moved to where you need the most back support. This handy feature is especially helpful to those who are shorter or taller than the average and therefore find most back support pillows do not provide the correct lumbar support.

The Bed Lounge back rest pillow comes with the means to adjust the bed pillow's angle. If you prefer to be reclined slightly, you'll easily adjust the pillow to match your preference.

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