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Bed back pillows support the spine while you lounge in bed. You may be bedridden with an illness or simply feel like cozying up where it is warm and relaxing. Either way, a bedroom pillow that provides spine and lumbar support is key to a healthy, pain-free back.

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With the flu season in high gear, many people find themselves in need of bed back pillows while they recuperate. Sitting in bed wreaks havoc on your spine. End the pain with bed back pillows.

Back Pain and Your Bed

The average person spends a minimum seven hours in bed every night. Those who go to bed and watch television before going to sleep spend even longer. Many times, a bad mattress enhances lower back pain.

If your mattress is sagging, it's time to replace it. Look for a mattress that is at least seven inches thick. Thicker mattresses generally provide more cushion that helps alleviate back pain related to a mattress. Pillow top mattresses, especially those with memory foam, are best because they support your curves from head to toe.

Top your mattress with bedroom pillows that support your neck without putting your head at an angle. If you sleep with your neck higher than your spine, you'll develop a stiff neck. Many bed pillows are specially designed to match the position in which you sleep. Those sleeping on their side will do their spine a favor if they use a wedge pillow between their knees.

What to Look for in a Bed Back Pillow

The best bed back pillow has massaging nodules that help alleviate a sore, tired back at the end of the day. You want massaging nubs that target the lumbar area.

Your bed back pillow should have holders for a cup, especially if you are sick and require plenty of fluids. A reading light and book holder is also helpful.

Many of today's bedroom pillows fold up for under the bed storage. This is handy, especially if you have a smaller room and a lack of closest space.

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