Bed Chair Pillow - Pillows to Read in Bed

A bed chair pillow helps prop you up and supports your back while lounging in bed. The reading pillows are perfect when you're sick, for watching television in bed or if you enjoy reading before going to sleep.

Bed Chair Reading Pillow - Find it. Love it. Buy it.

There are a variety of bed chair pillow manufacturers out there. Prices vary accordingly, but you should be able to find reading pillows in area department stores and online.

The Bed Lounge Bed Chair Pillow

The upscale BedLounge is one of the most popular bed chair pillows on the market. If you want comfort from a pillow that conforms to you, this reading pillow is a great choice.

The BedLounge has an adjustable head rest that allows you to set the reading pillow up in any fashion. Recline it slightly to watch TV in comfort, or sit straight up and extend the head rest for optimal neck support. The arm rests also adjust making it easy to customize the chair to your preferred reading level when holding a book.

Remote and book holders on the side of the bed chair pillow keep everything you need close at hand. If you're bedridden due to illness or injury, you'll find this reading pillow adjusts to your changing positions. Recline it all the way to take a nap and then sit back up to read the newspaper.

Basic Arm Chair Bed Pillows

Stores like Amazon, Christmas Tree Shops, Target and Wal-Mart sell overstuffed arm chair bed pillows. These pillows have a supportive area for your back and padded arm rests that curve around your waist or hips. They're generally inexpensive and easy to carry. You can take it in your car when traveling or carry it from room to room as needed.

Basic arm chair bed pillows also work with an office chair to provide lumbar support. They're very versatile and come in a variety of colors and patterns.

Wedge Shaped Bed Chair Pillows

Wedge shaped bed chair pillows support your back while you read or watch TV in bed. However, the wedges do not include arm rests.

If you find arm rests to be more of an annoyance than of use, a wedge shaped bed chair pillow is a suitable choice. You can find them in many online and brick and mortar retailers.

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