Bed Reading Pillow - Read in Bed with Chair Pillows

Bed reading pillows turn your bed into a cozy nook for watching a movie or reading a book. Experts agree that one of the best ways to reduce stress is by providing yourself with an hour of quiet time at the end of the day. Once dinner's done and the kids are off to bed or doing homework, it's beneficial to go crawl into your bed with a good book or a movie and enjoy an hour of escapism.

Bed Chair Reading Pillow - Find it. Love it. Buy it.

Traditional bed pillows make it hard to get comfortable. You can use the pillows to prop up your back, but a cold, hard headboard isn't very soothing, Especially if you use your bedroom pillows for back support, leaving no pillows to buffer your head from being on the hard headboard.

Benefits to a Bed Reading Pillow

With a bed reading pillow, you find the model that best suits your needs. BedLounge reading in bed pillows have an adjustable head rest. The BedLounge Bed Reading Pillow also has book and remote holders built into the arm rests.

The supportive bed reading pillow provides optimal support of your neck and spine while allowing you to comfortably sit up in bed. You'll enjoy your relaxation time in complete comfort.

Other bed reading pillows provide soft support of your spine, particularly the lumbar region, without having a head rest or even arm rests. These bed reading pillows are easier to carry with you. Some even have built-in carrying handles. You can bring them with you on trips or to other rooms in your home.

Recovering During Flu and Cold Season

As flu and cold season hit, many people find themselves feeling too sick to leave their bed. Laying prone all day long is tiring on the back muscles, spine and hips. With reading pillows, you can rest in bed while recovering from an illness or other ailment but be able to sit up and read a book or watch television.

Reading pillows benefit children too. Because schools often find diseases spread quickly from one student to the next, it's important to keep a sick child at home. Many schools send children with even the slightest fever home and urge parents to keep them there until the fever has been gone for 24 hours. Children bore easily if they do not have anything to do. Arm them with coloring books or movies and a reading in bed pillow and they'll be more willing to stay in bed and recuperate.

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