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When shopping for a bed rest reading pillow, consider the features available. Today's reading pillow manufacturers put a lot of thought into their bed pillow designs. Some come with built-in reading lamps and others stick to the basics.

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Consider the Bedroom Pillow Material

Any bed rest reading pillow should be durable enough to withstand daily use. Many manufacturers use chenille for comfort and durability.

You can't machine wash bed rest reading pillows, so you need a material that allows spot washing. Chenille, corduroy and denim are good choices. Reading pillows covered in cotton or polyester are more likely to tear with daily use. In the end, you'll end up buying bed pillows more frequently.

If the bed rest reading pillow company offers machine washable covers, they can help extend the life of your reading pillow. They also make it easy to keep your pillow clean and odor free.

Are Arm Rests Necessary

Most bed rest reading pillows come with arm rests. You nestle your body into the reading pillow and the arm rests wrap around your waist or hips. Those with a wider body frame may find the arm rests to be uncomfortable. Reading pillow wedges may be more suitable options.

If you read in bed and want support for your arms, arm rests are great ideas. Some reading pillow arm rests have built-in cup holders and even LED reading lamps.

Convenience and Storage

A bed rest reading pillow should offer convenience and storage benefits. If you are stick or recovering from surgery, you may not be capable of getting up to retrieve a book, magazine, eye glasses or remote controls. Having a bed rest reading pillow with side storage makes it easy to keep everything you need close at hand.

Many reading pillows have storage in the arm rests. There are slots for remotes, books, glasses and some even have drink holders. You can keep water, juice or other beverages nearby for hydration as you recuperate.

It's also worthwhile to look for bed rest reading pillows that have carrying handles or that fold up for storage. This makes it easy to move the pillow from room to room or tuck it away when it's not needed.

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