Bed Wedge Reading Pillow - Reading Lounger

Bed wedge reading pillows offer back support without adding restrictive arm rests. If you hate the feel of arm rests against your thighs, a reading pillow wedge is a great option. Simply place it behind you, sit back and you can read and watch television comfortably while cozy warm in your bed.

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Traditional reading pillows usually have arm rests that wrap around your waist or hips when you sit in bed. While these arm rests do not always bother those with very slender frames, most people dislike having the arm rests there. If they fold up out of the way, they are not as bothersome. Few models offer that convenience. Instead, you're left with arm rests that are not always the right length or angle making them little more than a distraction.

Bed Wedge Reading Pillows Provide an Alternative

With a bed wedge reading pillow, the arm rests are gone. If you want arm support, you can fold a pillow and place it under one or both arms. Otherwise, you'll benefit from having back support without the restrictive arm rests.

The reading pillows come in a variety of materials. Many people find memory foam offers the best support. They are not machine washable, so keeping them protected in a machine washable bed wedge reading pillow cover will make cleaning easy.

Versatility of Bed Wedge Reading Pillows

Bed wedge reading pillows allow you to switch them around so that they serve multiple purposes. Set vertically, you lean against the foam pillow, some use memory foam for even better comfort, and you have a supportive back rest. Lay it flat and it becomes a sleeping wedge that keeps your neck and shoulders elevated to prevent snoring.

Move the reading pillow under your needs for a great knee wedge when you sleep on your back. Pregnant women suffering from swollen ankles will love using the elevated side of the bed wedge reading pillow to elevate their feet and ankles for better circulation.

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