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Feel well rested thanks to your Better Sleep Pillow. Do you wake up feeling tired? Does your neck or lower back hurt? The careful design behind the Better Sleep bed pillow allows you to sleep comfortably in your preferred position without causing shoulder, neck or back strain.

Better Sleep Pillow - Find it. Love it. Buy it.

People often switch positions in the night to reduce hip strain. The problem is that most bedroom pillows fail to provide the support needed for each position. One may start out sleeping on his side and switch to his back or a side sleeper might flip to the stomach. It's important to have a bed pillow that acclimates to your new position.

How the Better Sleep Pillow Works

Made from memory foam, the Better Sleep pillow contains a gap under the pillow and in the front edge of the pillow for you to place your arm. The memory foam support prevents your head from cutting off circulation to your arm.

On your side, your arm fits under the gap in the front of the pillow. You rest your head and neck on the supportive pillow gaining the spine alignment that you need. If you flip to your stomach, your arm fits in the gap in the center of the pillow or you can place them to the sides.

Back sleepers can put the gap to the top of the bedding pillow and then rest their shoulders, head and neck on the pillow. Move the arms over the head and tuck them into the gap behind you.

The memory foam of the patented Better Sleep pillow provides the support you need and retains its shape for years.

As the foam holds your neck and airways straight, snoring is reduced. Back strain and neck pain end. You wake feeling well-rested.

Features of the Better Sleep Pillow

The Better Sleep Pillow is crafted from flame-resistant memory foam. It's an average pillow size and will fit your standard pillow case.

The hypoallergenic memory foam is made from urethane and offers curves to support the arch of your neck. You'll quickly find it is the most comfortable pillow you'll ever own.

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