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A cervical roll pillow ensures support of your neck when you sleep on your side or back. The bed pillows are usually filled with polyester fiberfill or memory foam, though you can find roll bedding pillows filled with down too.

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The key to a cervical roll pillow is to have it soft enough for comfort, but firm enough that it provides the necessary support. This is why memory foam is the material most people choose. The bed pillow for spine support should fit into the curve of your neck, whether you sleep on your back or side.

Supporting the Curve of Your Neck

While the back of your head and shoulders are aligned, the curve of your neck requires support from a bed pillow. Without proper support, gravity pulls your neck towards the mattress, your chin tips towards your chest and neck pain and snoring become big problems. A cervical roll pillow fills the gap between your neck and mattress keeping your spine properly aligned and helping alleviate snoring.

By making your neck and spine as straight as possible, you prevent the backaches and stiff neck that usually accommodate a poor sleep position.

If you've been injured playing sports or in an accident, you can use a cervical neck roll to help keep your spine straight while your muscles heal.

Cleaning Your Cervical Roll Pillow

Cervical roll pillows cannot be machine washed. They do come with a machine washable cover that is easily removed. Spot cleaning is recommended for cleaning of the foam bedding roll pillow as needed.

Make sure you do not saturate the foam. Exposed to too much water, mildew and mold become a risk. It's best to use the protective cover all the time and wash that weekly with your normal laundry.

Using a Cervical Roll Pillow

You can simply tuck the bed pillow against the side or back of your neck when you curl up to sleep. Some people prefer to slip the cervical roll pillow into their pillow case with their normal pillow. This way they have the neck support they desire, but it stays put if you shift around in your sleep.

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