Cervical Memory Foam Support Pillow - Orthopedic Neck Pillows

Cervical memory foam support pillows improve and alleviate common health issues. From sleep apnea to migraines, a supportive bed pillow increases blood flow throughout your spine helping you feel better.

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Memory foam helps hold your head in a comfortable position. When you're done, the foam material rebounds to its original form. Many traditional bed pillows compress and eventually flatten and prove uncomfortable. You'll end up spending a lot of money replacing those worn out pillows. Memory foam bedroom pillows last much longer.

Improper Sleeping Positions and Headaches

When a pillow lacks support, you'd be surprised how much of an effect it has on your body. Migraines and headaches occur when blood flow is restricted to the head. If you sleep with your neck at a weird angle, headaches may occur. In addition, you wake with a stiff neck.

Cervical memory foam support pillows incorporate a curved design that cradles the curve of the neck. The dipped center of the pillow then conforms to the larger shape of your head. Because your neck and spine remain perfectly aligned, blood flow is not minimized in any way.

The Truth About Neck Pain

While there are many causes of neck pain, the most common is lack of proper support. Sleeping at an awkward angle stretches the muscles. You wake up feeling sore. If the delicate neck bones are out of alignment for an extended period of time, sharp neck pain can keep you from your normal routine.

In addition to sore muscles and neck pain, chiropractors believe problems with spine alignment can cause a host of other issues including anxiety, ear infections, asthma and more. The belief is that by improving circulation to the rest of the body, optimal health is achieved.

Shopping for Cervical Memory Foam Support Pillows

When shopping for cervical memory foam support pillows, look for bed pillows that is flexible but holds its shape. Often a warranty will help you decide how long the pillow is meant to last.

If you sleep on your back, a firmer pillow is usually best. Side and stomach sleepers can usually go for a softer pillow.

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