Chillow Cooling Pillows - Cool Comfort Pillow

Stop struggling to get to sleep with a Chillow Pillow. How long does it take you to fall asleep because you're either too hot or then too cold? How many times have you woken up dripping in sweat?

Chillow Pillow - Find it. Love it. Buy it.

Sultry summer nights and too many blankets turn your favorite bedroom pillow into a smelly, damp, uncomfortable item you want to throw away. You can run it through the washing machine, but within days the odors usually return.

How a Chillow Pillow Works

With a Chillow pillow, you add water to the pillow and then “burp” out the excess air so that a cooling gel remains. Place the Chillow pillow on top of your normal pillow and enjoy the cooling sensation as the water removes the heat from your head and recirculates it.

The Chillow pillow is smaller than a normal bed pillow, so you might find it shifts around, especially if you toss and turn.

Features of the Chillow Pillow

The Chillow bed pillow is waterproof and covered in a soft material. It remains cool without refrigeration, but if you want extra cooling, you can store it in your refrigerator and pull it out at night.

How a Chillow Pillow Benefits You

You'll find the Chillow bedroom pillow helps alleviate issues like hot flashes, aches and pains and simple overheating on humid nights.

If you have sore knees at the end of a day, place the Chillow bed pillow between them and enjoy the cooling effect. The same goes for achy feet, a stiff neck or sore lower back.

Before using, you might want to let the cooling bed pillow air out for a day. The pillow is made of a medical-grade plastic material that has a plastic odor. While some don't mind the smell, those who are sensitive might want to let the smell dissipate before using it.

What Others Say

Most users find the Chillow pillow works extremely well and is comfortable. Placing it under your pillow case helps keep the cooling bed pillow in place.

Some find it hard to fill the pillow with the correct amount of water. Make sure you follow package directions closely for best results.

Another common complaint is leaking seams. Most of these cases involve people overfilling their cooling bedding pillow with too much water. There is a warranty on the product, so don't let those reviews scare you.

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