Chiroflow Mediflow Orthopedic Water Pillow

Alleviate your neck pain with a Chiroflow Mediflow water pillow. According to the John Hopkins School of Medicine, experts discovered the water-based bed pillow helped users fall asleep faster, remain asleep and wake up without a stiff neck.

Chiroflow Mediflow Pillow - Find it. Love it. Buy it.

The key to the Chiroflow Mediflow water pillow is the self-adjusted water chamber. You control the bed pillow's firmness. Once you've filled the bedding pillow to match your preferences, the pillow does the rest. As you turn at night, the water moves with you holding your neck straight without you never needing to readjust the pillow.

Features of the Chiroflow Mediflow Water Pillow

The Chiroflow Mediflow water pillow uses three layers to provide exceptional comfort. The inner layer is a water pouch that is located at the lower end of the pillow where the neck and head usually lay. This water pouch is wrapped in a waterproof thermal covering that keeps the pillow cool and comfortable. The insulator and water pouch are then covered in down or DuPont fibers.

The pillow comes in three sizes:

  • 13.5” x 21”
  • 20” x 28”
  • 25.25” x 17”

A quilted cover is available protects the pillow's interior. Everything is machine washable. The manufacturer recommends washing the pillow every year. To do so, drain the water out, replace the drain cap and then throw the pillow into the washer in cold water. Line dry it. Do not put the pillow in your dryer.

Chiroflow Mediflow water pillows come with a three year warranty. Providing you follow basic directions when filling or cleaning the pillow, your bedroom pillow is guaranteed against defect for three full years. Just remember not to throw it in the dryer because that is one way to void the warranty.

Using Your Chiroflow Mediflow Water Pillow

To fill your Chiroflow Mediflow water pillow, remove the drain cap. Fill a pitcher with water and slowly pour into the drain hole. Continue filling to your specifications. Those liking a softer pillow will use less water. Those who like a firm pillow will increase the water amount.

Tap water is fine. You do not need special water for your Mediflow bedroom pillow.

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