Contour Memory Foam Leg Support Pillow

Contour Memory Foam Leg Support Pillows keep your legs and pelvic bones straight to prevent lumbar, hip and knee pain. With three leg wedge bed pillow models available, you can pick the model that matches your needs.

Leg Pillow - Find it. Love it. Buy it.

Since 1991, Contour Living has led the sleep industry by creating ergonomic bedding products. The company teams with chiropractors, doctors and sleep experts to ensure every product sold meets specific needs.

Customers rave over Contour Memory Foam Leg Support Pillows. Those who use these products sleep well, wake pain free and feel invigorated.

Discover The Contour Memory Foam Leg Support Pillow

The hourglass shaped Contour Memory Foam Leg Support Pillow fits between your upper legs cradling your thigh. The cradle design keeps the pillow from shifting while you move in your sleep.

By keeping your thighs separated, the thigh bones remain parallel to your hip joints relieving tension in the hips and lower back. By keeping your knees from touching, blood flow to the ankles, feet and calves is optimized. This is beneficial to pregnant women, especially those who reach the swollen ankle stage.

Memory foam keeps you comfortable throughout the night. As many realize memory foam is not washable, you can rest assured that the thick velour covering is easily removed and machine washable. The cover comes in five colors allowing you to match the wedge bed pillow to your existing bedroom décor.

The Original Contour Foam Leg Pillow

Virtually the same as the Contour Memory Foam Leg Support Pillow, the original Contour Leg Pillow uses a higher density foam for more support. The medical grade foam is tougher, resists weight better and remains fully expanded even after months of regular use.

This Contour leg bedroom pillow includes a velour cover that is machine washable.

The Contour Secret Leg Pillow

This newer Contour Memory Foam Leg Support Pillow includes a layer of fiberfill over the memory foam for softer support. It's perfect for someone who wants some support, but prefers the feel of a fiberfill bed pillow over memory foam. You still have the support memory foam offers, but your thighs rest against soft layers of fiberfill.

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