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Contour Neck Pillows incorporate years of research and technology into every neck pillow design. Their line of cervical pillows and travel pillows offer choices that help you find the most comfortable pillow on the market.

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Finding a comfortable bed pillow requires a little research. The position you sleep in, whether you change positions in the night, the size of your neck and the weight of your head all play key parts in determining your ideal pillow. Contour Neck Pillows offer a variety of products to help you find the perfect bedroom pillow.

Contour Cervical Dream Pillow

The hourglass-shaped Cervical Dream Pillow is hypoallergenic and uniquely shaped to match the curve of your head. It's wide enough to be great for knee support while sleeping on your back, but the real enjoyment comes from using it under your neck.

The unique hourglass structure provides great cervical support while the wider ends comfort the shoulders if you sleep on your back or cushion your ears for side sleepers.

The Contour Jackson Roll Cervical Pillow

The Jackson Roll Pillow is great for traveling. Filled with soft polyester fiberfill, the pillow is long enough to provide support to your neck or lumbar area. Back sleepers use it under their knees when sleeping.

The Twist Contour Neck Pillow

Contour's Twist Neck Pillow bends into the position you need for a comfortable night's sleep. Start with a tubular bed pillow and twist it into the best position for your needs. You can use it when traveling or bed it around your neck for support while you lay in bed watching television or reading a book.

Contour's Hugg-A-Pillow

The large, J-shaped Hugg-A-Pillow offers great support to the neck and shoulders helping to keep your spine in proper alignment. With traditional bed pillows, most side sleepers then require a second pillow to support their chest and arms. The Hugg-A-Pillow offers soft fiberfill that cradles the chest and arms while you sleep.

Foam Contour Neck Pillow

Contour's foam neck pillow uses memory foam to provide firm support that cradles the curve of your neck. The firm support provides superior cervical support. You can't wash this pillow, but the machine washable bedding pillowcase makes it easy to keep your pillow clean.

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