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Cooling pillows offer soothing relief to those suffering from hot flashes and night sweats. Menopausal women often find hot flashes keeping them awake at odd hours of the night. Staying asleep is incredibly problematic. Waking up on a wet pillow or wet sheets is also uncomfortable and usually leads to middle of the night sheet changes.

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Night sweats affect anyone. You wake in the night with wet sheets and night clothes. Many cases of night sweats are caused by a bedroom that is too warm or sleeping with too many blankets. Having a cooler room and a cooling pillow helps alleviate this problem.

Other cases of night sweats have a medical cause, including hormonal imbalances, hypoglycemia, cancer or infection. During treatments, a cooling pillow can help keep you cool throughout the night.

How a Cooling Pillow Works

Cooling pillows use materials that allow air to flow freely around your head and neck. Many polyester fiberfill pillows trap heat against your skin causing you to feel hot and sweaty. If air flows properly, you'll feel cooler and sleep better.

Other cooling pillows have a central core that traps heat holding it away from your head. If the pillow cools too much, some of the heat releases back towards your head to regulate your body temperature.

Brands of Cooling Pillows

Bodipedic Cool Contour Pillow uses Cool Contour memory foam to maximize air flow while you sleep. Firm memory foam helps support your neck and promotes circulation. It comes with a velour cover that is machine washable.

The Chillow is a cooling pillow insert that fits on top of your usual bed pillow. Fill the Chillow with four quarts of water and the pillow remains cool to the touch throughout the night. You do not need to refrigerate this bed pillow, it absorbs coolness from the air.

The Primley Pillow is a cooling pillow designed specifically for hot flashes. The bed pillow is filled with non-toxic cooling crystals that expand when soaked in water and release a cooling sensation. Because the pillow does develop condensation on the bottom, the manufacturer suggests placing a folded up towel under the pillow to protect your normal pillow and mattress. The Primley Pillow is not meant to be used throughout the night, only when you need some cooling relief.


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