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A CPAP Mask Sleep Aid Pillow helps you sleep comfortably. The design of these bed pillows prevents your CPAP mask from gaping or slipping creating air leaks. Stop losing sleep due to your sleep apnea and experience a full night's sleep helping you to feel refreshed and energized in the morning.

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How CPAP Machines and Masks Work

CPAP masks come in three forms. One has a dual nose piece that fits a nose pillow into each nostril. These nose pillow adapters create an air tight seal forcing air into the nasal passages. Top and back straps hold the nose piece into place and the air tube curves up and over the top of your head.

A full face mask involves an oxygen mask that fits over the entire nose and mouth area. Air is forced into the mouth and nose to prevent sleep apnea. Straps around the forehead and below the ears hold the mask in place. The air tube runs past the chin and over your pillow.

SoftGel masks use gel to create an airtight seal against the nose and mouth. The straps and format are similar to the full face mask. The biggest difference is the comforting gel that eliminates hard plastic edges. The air tube runs down past the chin.

Problems with Air Tubes

The biggest problem with CPAP masks is that the air tubes can get in the way while you sleep. If you change positions and lay on the air tube, you constrict the flow of air. If you sleep on your side, it's a common issue to have an edge of the mask gap causing loss of air.

CPAP Mask Sleep Aid Pillow Provide the Perfect Solution

A CPAP Mask Sleep Aid Pillow is specially designed to create spaces for the air tubes. In addition, it holds your head above your traditional sleep pillow so that the mask is not pushing against a pillow and creating a gap.

The CPAP Mask Sleep Aid Pillows offer neck support saving you from the pain of a stiff neck when you wake up. The curves of the bed pillow match the natural curve of your neck helping to support you as you sleep.

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