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An ergonomic pillow prevents neck and back strain. While you sleep, improper bed pillow support often causes your spine to go out of alignment leading to muscle strain, neck and lumbar discomfort. By keeping your spine and neck properly aligned, you eliminate the potential of discomfort and also help alleviate other problems like snoring and headaches.

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The goal to a good night's sleep involves keeping your spine straight. The weight of your hips and behind tend to pull your pelvis into the mattress causing lower back strain. If your neck is unsupported, the weight of your head will often cause your neck to sink lower than your spine leading to muscle strain. You can counteract these common issues with a supportive, ergonomic pillow.

Sleeping Position Makes a Difference

Most sleep experts agree that sleeping on your side is best. However, it is only best if you place a bed pillow between your knees or thighs to prevent pressure points on the knees and ankles. It's also important to keep your neck fully supported.

If you sleep on your stomach, a face down ergonomic pillow is best to keep your neck straight. Turning your head to the side will create stress on your neck bones and muscles. You should also put a bed pillow under your abdomen to prevent strain on your lumbar region.

Back sleepers need to keep their knees elevated to prevent strain on the lumbar region and improve circulation. Proper neck support is important to preventing snoring too. If your chin dips to your chest, snoring and sleep apnea can occur.

Features to Look for in an Ergonomic Pillow

Base your ergonomic pillow choice on the material you prefer for sleeping. Memory foam bed pillows offer exceptional support. Many people love them, but the plastic smell can be annoying to those who are sensitive to chemical odors.

Make sure the pillow meets your expectations for firmness. Side sleepers usually do best with medium firm pillows, while back sleepers need firm support to keep their neck straight.

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